So the album is going to be named “BREAK THE SILENCE” and that is going to be the theme of this year’s trip. The theme really fits especially since this will be our first mission trip as Zeal, as our purpose is to reach those who don’t have much, whose lives are “silent” of God’s love and joy…our mission is to bring them away from this dark, silent, lives, filled with doubt and depression, and have them encounter God and experience His love, knowing that WE ALL HAVE SOMETHING WORTH LIVING FOR, that they may seek Him and rejoice in the freedom that Christ has given us through the cross…

The song, “Break the Silence”, really sums up our purpose, talking about how we want the joy of the Lord to break into people’s lives and impact them forever, that as they see this new freedom in Him, they will rejoice in their new lives, their purpose, and start a revival that will spread His light throughout the nations.

The chorus mainly talks about our job as Christians and missionaries, “May Your name be known all across the land, may our voices break the silence…” How will the world know of His love, if no one will go? It is our voices that will bring Jesus into people’s lives, and by telling the good news, seeds will be planted, lives will be changed, the depressing “silence” will end when the people know hope…

I pray that people will be blessed by the message, that God’s presence can break into many lives, and change them…if only one life is changed, one seed is planted, its worth it all…

Be blessed,



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