recording time is almost here

joyce here

there has been much on my mind about this weekend.

and if you’re wondering about what’s going on this weekend my friends.. ZEAL IS OFFICIALLY RECORDING OUR MUSIC

yes. tis true.

now. i am officially getting nervous about the fact that we will be pouring out our souls and praise to the Lord, and allowing everyone to hear it for the first time.. or at least the recording studio peeps. we haven’t really showed anyone our music yet (which is entirely original, and comes straight from our hearts). i mean this kind of experience leaves one vulnerable and open to many attacks from the devil. with that being said, i’d like to request everyone reading this that you join us in prayer. (prayer requests will be located at the bottom of my post, check it out!)

i am now determined to fight this fight now. i know that with this project coming to place, i know that we are destined to be warriors fighting the good fight. music is a big thing to this world. music moves people in many ways.. whether good or bad. being able to choose our place in the world as lights in the darkness.. i am happy to say that i stand firm in God’s calling to serve through praising Him. this music that flows through our bodies will pierce through the hearts of those who need the message of the Lord. Lord willing, this movement we will start will ignite flames in people’s hearts.

n e wais. its almost time to get to class so here are some prayer requests:

  • pray that ZEAL will always keep the Lord in the center of our hearts, minds, music and lives.
  • that we will prepare what we need to prepare for this saturday and Sunday for our recording session.
  • for ning (singer). she is still recovering from her wisdom teeth pulling

if there is anyone out there who is need of prayer or wants to share anything, please post and we can respond to you! 😀 thanks!


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