the worldly view on leadership is out there. always being on top, someone leading the pack from the front. chin held high. holding themselves in high regard. everything good that happens is because of their efforts. they always want to hear how great of a leader they are and always speaking up for everyone.

i mean i can go on and on on the worldly kind of leadership.

But God didn’t call us to be leaders within worldly views, He called us to be leaders of His word! follow HIS example. so many people mistake leadership as someone so high on top. but the kind of leadership that God called on us requires HUMILITY. leaders are supposed to think more of others than themselves, just as He did. His leaders are supposed to walk amongst the crowd while guiding where to go, as Jesus did. His leaders are called to never allow pride to enter their minds, thinking that everything was possible because of themselves.. GOD IS THE SOURCE! the role of leadership always is mistaken for the worldly leadership, where EGO is a big factor.

The Righteous Leader:

  • keeping God in the center of their plans, whether it be small decisions or huge plans for the future.
  • humbling oneself and not putting all efforts on their shoulders as if they are the strong ones.
  • lifting others up with gentleness instead of making other feel like they are lower than you.
  • doing something. (if youre sitting down doing nothing, then you know there is something that you should be doing.)
  • keeping your faith alive, always pray, always taking up His cross and following Him daily.
  • always be aware that your relationship with other leaders affects those you are leading (ex: if you are not one with your fellow leaders, the group you are leading will not feel like one. you DO affect those around you.)

there are many more characteristics the Lord is watching out for in His leaders, but that’s something to think about for the time being. this topic was suddenly placed in my heart to share because i see so many people leading other in the worldly way and it is frustrating and i know that i have no place to say my concerns. i only pray that people will be made aware of their pride.

on a lighter  note.. RECORDING DAY IS NEARING!!!

i am so excited yet so stressed because this weekend is the weekend of when im supposed to be prepping for midterm projects. ive been praying for my efforts and i know that the Lord will deliver me from my stressful scholwork and give me peace. when i think about recording and going on the MISSION TRIP in December, my heart races and my hands want to raise in reverence to the Lord. He is awesome and i am honored that He is leading ZEAL in this path. i want to share my talents for Him and i want to show the world what God does in people’s lives, i WANT to show people that i am nothing, but with the Lord i can do great things.. ONLY THROUGH OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST WHO STRENGTHENS ME.


please join us in prayer as i list our prayer requests as a group, and if you have a prayer request yourself, please respond as a comment and we will add you all to our list of prayers!!

prayer requests

  • that ZEAL keeps the Lord in our hearts and minds as we are nearing the day of recording in the studio
  • pray FOR the recording days (Saturday and Sunday) that we will have patience during the recording process and that peace remains with us.
  • please pray for my midterm efforts and projects i have to prepare for next week.
  • pray for ning and the healing of her numbness in her mouth from removing her wisdom teeth

Again, i encourage all who have prayer requests and any kind of testimony they would like to share with us, please feel free to post a comment! Any of us will gladly respond!


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