blessed to bless – Josh

so after a long while of fellowship, eating, restringing, drum tuning, vocal-warm ups, final run-throughs and finishing touches, tonight ended with an awesome prayer and worship session and a devotion on the chapter of the Bible we got the name “Zeal” from, Romans 12.

We are all blessed, we all have our gifts, everyone. And with these gifts comes an important responsibility (sort of like spiderman, huh), not to use these gifts to prove that we are higher than others, to prove that we are gifted, or to direct attention to ourselves. The Bible tells us to use these gifts not to put ourselves in a high position but to put ourselves in a position of service, to serve others, to bless others. We are gifted to serve, we are blessed to bless others. And we need to seek God’s will with our gifts to use them to their highest potential.

Today is the day that we, as Zeal, have been waiting for, for a long time. Much prayer and hard work has been put into the making of the songs and preparation for the final recording, but we do not put our music out there for the enjoyment or entertainment of others, no, we share this music knowing that God has intended others to be blessed by it, we pray for those who will be listening and ask God to prepare the hearts of those who will be listening to the message of joy and hope through these songs. We pray that this message will reach the hearts of those who are broken, to those who are seeking, to those who have nothing on this earth to live for…this is our mission. We come together with zeal and life, in Jesus name, to carry out the work the God created us to do. This is our story…this is faith.

lets do this.


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