studio day 1: complete!

title is self explanatory, but i have more to share!

our prayers have been answered by the Lord for day 1 in the studio. i think i can speak for all of us there (ning, tim, josh and i) that this was a new and exciting experience!  josh and i were able to record the music for all 7 of our songs that including the drums/ percussion, rythmn guitar parts, lead guitar parts etc. So tommorow we will be recording the vocals (fun!) and keys, and bass!  Twas an awesome experience!  i loved it! Praising the Lord in this kind of way is very new to me, and i feel so blessed to have an opportunity like this; to record orignial songs and have a legit CD!

please continue to pray for ZEAL! we will be recording tommorow at 2pm!

I encourage all of you to post comments of anything you want to share with us; suggestions, something awesome that happened to you recently, PRAYER REQUESTS and anything else!

PRAYER LIST (please join with us in prayer of the things listed below if you want :))

  • pray for ZEAL and our studio time tommorow!
  • pray that we always keep God the center of our efforts and music

Again i encourage you all to post anything you would like to share with us! 🙂 Thanks! and God Bless!


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