studio day 2 + weekend recap

What a great last two days! We were able to get through EVERYTHING, which is more than we expected to do! DAY 2 started off with keyboard and bass tracking (my fingers still hurt from all the bass tracking – i’m really not a bass player), and Tim did a really great job hitting those synth lines.

It was a tough few hours of hard work, with lots of retakes of us trying different stuff, sometimes switching around to try out a few piano parts on some songs, and during this time, lots of new ideas came to mind and we just added them in as we went. It was a pretty fun experience.

Next was probably one of the more fun parts of the session – VOCALS. Everyone did their best and everyone gave everything to make the tracks sound as good, and as passionate as we wanted them to sound like.

I’d say the album has a really unique variety of sounds in it. You can’t really classify us to any kind of genre except that with our songs comes a powerful message that is much more significant than the music or the people you hear in our songs. We haven’t heard the mixed and mastered final product yet but we are really excited to hear it, and are also excited to share this blessing to the world..

Behind the instruments and voices, our ultimate purpose in this project is to worship God above all things, and give Him glory for His gift of life and salvation, and to share that message of hope to the rest of the world.

There we are, our group vocals session, ready to end the night with a powerful chorus: “We love You, Lord…we love You, Lord..”


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