my experience with recording -joyce

let me just start this post off by saying how awesome and marvelous God is. He provided these talents for each and every one of us and gave us this opportunity to give it back to Him!

Now let me just say that i am very grateful that the Lord gave each and every one of us the patience and will to record. there were times when some of us would be doing nothing for hours while others were recording their parts. i will admit, i took a short nap two times! lol, but in the end we were having fun and i kinda already miss the feeling of being in the studio. haha (even though we were only there for two days. some, i believe, are in the studio for like months at a time!).

the last picture that i posted is with the guy who helped us record! THANKS BRIAN! if ever he reads this, i am very thankful for the time and effort he put into our recording time. he was very patient with us and was very professional with what he was doing. woot woot! and hes a drummer for his own worship team! twas a cool fact he told us 🙂

i wanted to make this post before i did more of my homework tonight because i just have this twinkle of joy, that dwells in my heart and i wanted to share it!! overall i have faith in the Lord that He will be pushing me in whichever direction He wants me to go. i simply can’t wait to be able to hand these cds out!

i have some prayer requests, if you could pray for me my friends, that would be great! and if YOU even have prayer requests, post a comment and we will be praying for YOU as well 🙂


  • please pray for my friend who walks with the Lord but cannot find it in their heart to forgive others.. this person was one of my close friends, but now spreads gossip about me that is not true. i dont hold anything against this person, i just continue to pray for them, having faith that the Lord will soften their heart.
  • please pray for my midterms this week! i have projects to finish and presentations to prepare for, and im behind because this weekend was packed with recording.
  • pray for the leadership for intersection (my youth group), it is nearing the time when elections will be held for new leaders for 2011. please pray that the Lord will guide the right people into these positions, and that whoever is leading, they will lead with righteous hearts with concern for everyone not only themselves and stand firm!
  • pray for ZEAL and that we will continue to have the Lord in the center of our heart, minds, goals, and music.

Please keep these in your prayers 🙂

Again, i encourage anyone to post anything that is in their hearts to share with us;  prayer requests, an answered  prayer, blessing that happened to them, concerns, questions etc. Just post a comment and we will respond!


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