Big events coming up soon! This winter is gonna be amazing with Break The Silence in November and our Philippine Mission in December/January. Just booked our tickets and we’re planning to be there around the 18th-19th of December! Stay tuned for events on twitter ( and facebook (!

On November 14th, Break the Silence worship night, We will have boxes set aside for donations of clothing, school supplies, and non-perishable food for the Philippine mission. These items will be used to bless the mountain communities in Cebu, and to help during our mission trip. Also, don’t forget its that the 14th is the official release date of the Break the Silence album! Any donation of $15 or more to the One More Village foundation will get you a copy of the CD! We’re also glad to have ONEheart, G.I.G. and Intersection perform at the event, so come out and support!

We want this event to make a huge impact on our communities, so we will need your help! We will be needing volunteers to help set-up, take down, lights, sound, etc. If you are interested, contact us or email us at, and INVITE OTHERS to be a part of the event! Let us also continue to pray for this, that God alone will be glorified in everything that happens.

the event page.


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