Break the Silence my friends

joyce here, wanting to comment on BREAK THE SILENCE concert

it was definitely successful (all thanks be to God!). i was able to meed new people and just get this warm feeling inside knowing God has provided people to support us and pray for us. yes everyone, we need YOUR prayers!  from this point on the meeting we wil be having together will be about the mission trip straight up. i am so excited for the trip, i hope to just rely on God and carry us through.

1Heart opened the night with a really blessed setlist, then G.I.G with their dope gospel rapping, after then followed Intersection and last was ZEAL. i felt like so many people let me down during this whole week and i know that i shouldn’t rely on the word of someone, but only the Word of God.

we had three amazing MCs to guide the event through, thanks to GI Cordero, Ronnie Cabanayan, and Jay Espejo. they were funny and it was cool seeing them do what they do with such last minute changes. thanks guys!

it was also our good friend Gayb Cordero’s birthday on the day of our concert, and she just turned 20. 😀 i remember i met her when she was still.. 14? crazy how much we’ve grown together. i was so happy that she wanted to support us on an important day in her life. thanks gerl.

last night was a really joyful one. i felt the Lord’s presence in that place. i felt whole. and i wished that it never ended, alas our physical bodies get tired, and i passed out once i hit the bed.

Thank you Lord

if there are any prayer requests that anyone wants us to keep in our prayers, feel free to post it or message it. i would just love to hear from everyone. thanks all! peace!


2 thoughts on “Break the Silence my friends

  1. Hey!! That evening was so great! I was so blessed to be there and God fully showed up in that place! His presence was so evident! ^^,

    Anyway, I just wanted to leave you guys a comment with the words I received from the Lord that evening for you guys to meditate on and bring to God.

    Ning – Purity. Prov.27:21msg “the purity of silver and gold is tested by putting them in the fire. The purity of human hearts is tested by giving them a little fame.”

    Joyce – Sincerity. Philippians 1:10msg “so that you’re live is sincere and intelligent not sentimental gush. live a lovers life circumspect and exemplary; a life Jesus would be proud of.”

    Josh – Passion. Song of Songs 8:6msg “hang my locket around your neck, wear my ring on your finger. love is invincible – facing danger and death. passion laughs at the terrors of hell. the fire of love stops at nothing, it sweeps everything before it.”

    picture – you are overflowing cups filled with God’s love and glory ready to share it with others. Pour God’s glory into the Philippines. “I am filled up to be emptied again.”

    Wear your Armor everyday. Performing arts is one of the highest evangelistic spiritual battles. Don’t let your guards down.

    ❤ Bless you guys!!


  2. Hey Amanda!

    (this is joyce) we are so thankful that you were able to make it to the event and even bring your family! so thank you so much for your support and please continue to pray for us because we are doing a lot of the planning and we will be in the Philippines next month! 🙂

    Thanks also for your words of encouragement! when you talked to us after the show it just filled my heart with joy as you relayed your words and enlightened us with what the Lord shared with you during the concert. it was such a blessing. any kind of support is just appreciatted and again, i just wana say thank you! thanks also for commenting and writing it as a comment because i wanted to write what you said down at the concert, but i couldnt.. haha..

    but yeah, your support is very much appreciated and if you have any prayer requetss please contact any of us!!!

    God Bless!!!
    -ZEAL! 😀

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