time flies. – josh

I really can’t get over how fast everything happened this year. It was probably only a little more than a year ago that we planned to set up mission trip this December. Originally we had planned to set up a camp for the children and youth in the mountains of Cebu, teaching music, and word, having worship nights, leadership conferences, and such. But the project grew so…EPIC, that as I look back now, I see something that only God could have put together for us. Soon we started writing our own songs, chose a name for ourselves, recorded our first album, shared our songs with many churches, and now here we are, just days away from the big trip. God’s timing is just amazing. It seems almost impossible that all of this could have happened so fast. But we, the Zeal team, are so grateful for the opportunity that God has given us to reach the hearts of the world, to proclaim His name where He leads us…

And we all want to thank everyone who supported us every step of the way, those who saw us write our first songs, those who helped make all of this year’s events happen, especially the many people who helped out on Break The Silence (which was AMAZING!), to all the churches who allowed us to come and share our songs with you all. A big thank you to: Fil-Am Covenant Church, North Hills, Church on the Hill (and the NewSong Ministry), Jesus is Lord Family Sanctuary, Grace Family Church, and Bayside Church. Also we would like to thank Intersection, G.I.G., and ONEheart for coming out to share their talents at Break The Silence! Thanks for allowing us to come worship and fellowship with you all!

We ask for continued prayer for our upcoming trip, in a little more than TWO WEEKS! We’re all really excited for what God’s gonna do during the three weeks that we will be there, and we are praying for opportunities to reach out to the communities and make a difference for His kingdom…



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