Philippines is a few days away

Joyce here!

WOW. the trip is just a few days away. specifically we are leaving on thursday, and today is.. tuesday.. haha it feels closer than i think only because i wont have any rest between finals and the trip. my last final to take at my school is on wednesday, and josh’s last final is on thursday.. the day we leave. haha! the Lord is good. i am just so excited to fellowship with everyone and just praise God together there in a different environment. i just love the philippines. i fall in love with the place every time i set foot on philippine land.

finals have been doing very well compared to past finals weeks. i was praying and praying for Him to just remain in my heart and give me peace in the stressful times. He provided. I asked Him to just shine through me and give me the right words and attitude when i present in my classes ( if yall dont know, i am terrified of public speaking), but the Lord works through our weaknesses and helps us become even stronger, so i did a good job in my presentations! Thank you Lord!

so the trip is a few days away, and we are still taking our finals. please pray for our preparations and finals! Thank you everyone! – if YOU have any prayer requests or anything you want to share with us, please comment! we are so thankful for your support! 🙂


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