a mission. – Josh

On the first day of this trip, I already knew this one would be different from the other PI trips I’ve been on. Anxieties and emotions were in the air, along with a sense of urgency and anticipation. Travel times had to be timed perfectly, transportation had to be coordinated precisely, and everyone needed to be a step ahead of what’s going on.

During the trip I feel like I have encountered my greatest joys along with my hardest struggles. I felt tested like never before feel a strong sense of accomplishment in every struggle. Our team accomplished alot of the Lord’s work this week, and it was only through His help, we had to trust in Him in order to see the things that happened.

Yesterday and today I looked through the old pics from the 2007 PI trip. That trip, we only dedicated a day for mission work, and at the time, I didn’t realize the importance of what was going on that day. But as I looked through these pictures I noticed familiar faces on the day we visited the Sac-On church. It was crazy to me, I never knew these people at the time, I never knew that just more than three years from them I would be able to connect and have a life changing week of fellowship with them…I was still young at the time, 15 to be exact. I had an awesome time of fellowship with the scholars and youth from the SABALUMPART circuit, it was really life changing for me, to see many people, future leaders of faith, join together in fellowship doing amazing things for the Lord, in FAITH. Hebrews 11:6 guys…(= You guys were awesome, I thank God that he allowed us to spend time with you guys last week, I’m praying for you guys, all the time, that you all would continue to step out in faith and be LEADERS, because I see a leader in every single one of you guys, take this faith, and take His light out into the world.

And the worship night at the Naga Christmas Camp with all the CYFs seemed like the ultimate grand finale to our mission week, youth from all over Cebu, united in worship to God…almost brought me to tears, I really wish we could have been able to connect more with you guys, and I will also be praying for CYF and especially the officers, that God would help you to lead the group into doing amazing things for the kingdom of God.


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