this is faith. (song story) – Josh

“This is faith” actually came from three of four songs that I drafted but eventually came together as one song. On one of our first practice sessions as Zeal, we all sat down and just started writing down whatever was on our heart that we wanted to express and tried to make it into a song. I remember writing down a simple chorus that ended in something like, “in this we declare, this is faith.” Or something like that, hehe. I gave up on that song but the phrase “This is Faith” really stuck out to me, as it is a powerful declaration on what we, as Christians, stand for; a passionate phrase that describes the heart and zeal of the radical believer, never giving up, pressing on despite adversity, knowing by faith that the Lord is in control…

Later on, I came up with a chorus melody while eating a sandwich at a Vietnamese restaurant, “Oh, can You hear the voice of God that calls Your name…” a call to action, a call to step out in faith. I remembered repeating that line over and over again until I came home and found my notebook, so I wouldn’t forget. I eventually completed that chorus but didn’t know how to end the last line, “we come together, we’re Yours alone, all for Your glory…” and didn’t know how to end it.

A week later or so, I came back to the idea of “This is faith” and wrote the bridge “This is faith that can move the mountains…” and really liked how it went so I decided to write an entire song based on this idea of faith. But then I realized how to end the chorus I had earlier, with the words, “this is faith”, and decided to switch up the words of the last line because we had decided to name ourselves Zeal the week before: “we come together, with zeal and life, all in Jesus’ name, this is faith” I finished the verse and pre-chorus shortly after, writing about the rise of a new generation that would be a light amidst the darkness in this world, to be a blessing to those who have lost hope, searching for joy…The song was originally in the key of A, led by a male vocalist, but I decided to change it to D, led by a female vocal, sounds much brighter..

This song was really a blessing to write and it was a great feeling of accomplishment when it was completed. It was one of the last songs from “Break the Silence” to be finished. We recorded the song with a relaxed feel, but now its more fun to play the song with more power and drive and get loud.

Hope you guys like the song, and remember that it is faith in God that will pull us through


One thought on “this is faith. (song story) – Josh

  1. i lhub your music so much.,!!

    .,.,hope i can get a copy of your album.,!!

    .,.,please send me a copy of it!!
    .,as a son and servamt of GOD!!

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