next steps. – Josh

So by next week, we’re all going to be back in school, but we’ll never forget about such an awesome winter break that we just had. We came back from the Philippines this year with many stories to share, and memories we’ll keep for a long while. I hope it won’t be long until we come back again. As of now we are praying and deciding what our next step will be as a group, and what our next projects will be. Right now we’re working on the PHILIPPINES 2010 film, which is looking great at the moment, we have so much footage from our experiences in the Philippines we just wanted to put it all together on film to share with everyone! Hopefully that can be finished by February. We have lots of ideas in mind for what’s next for the group, and we’ll try to keep everyone updated with that. And also feel free to contact us with any thoughts or prayer requests! You can contact us on our email at or just post a comment on this post, we’d love to hear from you!

Prayer requests
– that God would guide us as we decide on the next steps for the team
– for everyone who is starting school again, or who have already started, and for wisdom and peace for those taking exams at this time

God bless!



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