2011 – Josh

Happy valentines day to everyone! We have lots of plans for 2011, and many more to come as the year goes by! But first, we still have several copies available for the Break the Silence album, so contact us if you’re interested in purchasing a copy (proceeds go to the mission fund). We are exploring more ways to distribute the album through the web, and we are planning on having the album on eBay and iTunes soon! So we’ll let you know when we have that going! We are also planning to create t-shirts for Zeal and last years mission tour, and also we are putting together a music book for Break the Silence which will contain the lyrics and chords of the songs plus some of the song stories of how the songs were written. So all of that is in progress at the moment!

We are also planning more performances, possible tours for 2011, which may include the SoCal area! Excited for the opportunity to worship with you guys over there..

And we can’t wait for our next visit to the Philippines, which will most likely be around Summer 2012, but has not been finalized yet, so we are praying about this and hope that we will be able to visit once again!

Also, feel free to contact us about anything! zealmusic@live.com

God bless!


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