A Lighted Path


Hi everyone, Josh here, it’s been forever since anyone’s been on here, I think. It’s good to look back and see a glimpse of the past adventures we’ve been on through some old posts. It gets me excited about the next chapter and builds up the anticipation for what’s to come this year. First of all, if you’re reading this, I want to say THANK YOU for supporting us throughout the years! I know we haven’t been as active in the last few because of our increasingly busy schedules plus many of us moving on into new phases of our lives. One of us is married now, most of us have graduated from college and are looking to build our careers in various places, two of us are in school still with one entering college this year. The best part is that God allowed us another opportunity to serve him through this ministry and be able to follow up with many of our activities that we pursued starting 5 years ago. Yes, 5 years! Zeal is five years old, or almost 5 years old. I can’t believe it!

Looking back I remember one of our discussions as a team, back in 2011 in Cebu. We were about to leave for home and were discussing our plans moving forward. We thought about a name for the next album that would follow Break the Silence, and I remember Joyce just said “A Lighted Path”. It all just clicked. It just made so much sense. God’s hand on our mission was evident during that trip, and we felt that he made the way clear for us, everywhere we went. As a ministry team, we exist to reach out to and equip others to find their lighted path, the path that God meant for them to set foot on. As Christians we believe that it is not us who can shine the light on other’s paths, but we believe that God sent us on mission to reach for the lost and searching to help them see that God made a purpose for everyone, a path to follow. It is Him who lights the way in each of our lives, step by step, allowing us to experience Him here on earth until we eventually experience the fullness of His glory in Heaven, the end of the path.

With the Lighted Path project will come a new Zeal Album, coming this summer 2015, worship and prayer nights here in the U.S. and a tour in the Philippines which we hope to reconnect with many of you again as we plan ministry opportunities there! There will also be many more ways that you can be involved in A Lighted Path that we will announce in the coming weeks! We are excited to see what God will be doing through this project and we are humbled by this opportunity once again.

Feel free to contact us through this webpage, our Facebook (facebook.com/zealmusic), our Twitter and Instagram (@zealteam), with any prayer requests, comments or questions! We would LOVE to connect with you! It’s great to be back!


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