Dumaguete. – Tim

Tim’s blog – Dumaguete

I praise and thank God for everything that’s happened in Dumaguete. It’s been crazy, I had no idea what would happen here. Our whole visit including our fellowship with UCCP Dumaguete was so touching and spiritually uplifting. These things are a reminder of the great love of God and how He uses His people in His mission of touching lives.
On Monday, the day we arrived in Dumaguete, we visited The Little Children of the Philippines (LCP), a Christian orphanage where my Uncle Roy serves as a pastor. It’s a place for kids who have experienced hurt, brokenness, or utter loss in their families. LCP actively seeks out these children to take under their care. They are provided shelter and, as they go through the LCP’s Bible education program, they receive scholarships for college. It was a very homely place with dorm rooms, classrooms, playgrounds, and decorated walls painted by some of the older youth.
UCCP Dumaguete showed the fullness of Filipino hospitality to us and a reflection of the love of Christ. We’ve never personally been there, but they seemed to anticipate our visit very much. From the very start of preparing for the concert, we saw their eagerness to help us out. Pastor Fred and some church staff did a lot helping us set up by lighting up the stage, hiring a sound expert, and, for me, stabilizing my drum set and even offering to replace it with a better one. Uncle Roy filled in for bass. The youth president was also there the whole time playing a big part in promoting. They treated us out each time we were there with them. UCCP Dumaguete went above in beyond in showing us hospitality, which the team and I are so grateful for.
Concert night was just … crazy. The youth came out with so much energy, we couldn’t have asked for any more. I felt the Spirit speak through us and the message of our songs in such a powerful way. It was great to hear the church’s youth also perform a couple of songs and to hear the message from Pastor Oliver about where our hearts should be as God’s people. I had such a memorable time hanging out with the youth afterwards. They were just awesome people filled with positive energy, and they expressed how they were inspired tonight. I definitely wanna come back here.
All glory to God for what went down at Dumaguete.


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