2011 – Josh

Happy valentines day to everyone! We have lots of plans for 2011, and many more to come as the year goes by! But first, we still have several copies available for the Break the Silence album, so contact us if you’re interested in purchasing a copy (proceeds go to the mission fund). We are exploring more ways to distribute the album through the web, and we are planning on having the album on eBay and iTunes soon! So we’ll let you know when we have that going! We are also planning to create t-shirts for Zeal and last years mission tour, and also we are putting together a music book for Break the Silence which will contain the lyrics and chords of the songs plus some of the song stories of how the songs were written. So all of that is in progress at the moment!

We are also planning more performances, possible tours for 2011, which may include the SoCal area! Excited for the opportunity to worship with you guys over there..

And we can’t wait for our next visit to the Philippines, which will most likely be around Summer 2012, but has not been finalized yet, so we are praying about this and hope that we will be able to visit once again!

Also, feel free to contact us about anything! zealmusic@live.com

God bless!


next steps. – Josh

So by next week, we’re all going to be back in school, but we’ll never forget about such an awesome winter break that we just had. We came back from the Philippines this year with many stories to share, and memories we’ll keep for a long while. I hope it won’t be long until we come back again. As of now we are praying and deciding what our next step will be as a group, and what our next projects will be. Right now we’re working on the PHILIPPINES 2010 film, which is looking great at the moment, we have so much footage from our experiences in the Philippines we just wanted to put it all together on film to share with everyone! Hopefully that can be finished by February. We have lots of ideas in mind for what’s next for the group, and we’ll try to keep everyone updated with that. And also feel free to contact us with any thoughts or prayer requests! You can contact us on our email at zealmusic@live.com or just post a comment on this post, we’d love to hear from you!

Prayer requests
– that God would guide us as we decide on the next steps for the team
– for everyone who is starting school again, or who have already started, and for wisdom and peace for those taking exams at this time

God bless!


Post Philippines2010 thoughts -joyce

so here i am back at home! id like to say that my other home is there in the Philippines because it is true! i had an amazing experience and an amazing time being with everyone, meeting new people, spending time with family.. it was amazing. God is definitely GOOD! I LOVE THE PHILIPPINES.

im going to start this off by reminiscing on what this trip started out with. honestly, it didn’t start out all fine and dandy. we all had our shares of difficult times, complaining, fights, negative vibes.. i mean we are only human, and the devil really tried to mess with us during this trip. but of course, THE LORD PREVAILS. when we went through a lot of those trials during the trip we always went straight to God, and He always held our hand and allowed us to become stronger to overcome! (instead of praying for God to take away the pain, pray to God for strength to become stronger to overcome the pain.)

The first week of being in the Philippines, we traveled everyday up to Sac On, the church up in the mountains. And let me just say.. that i loved traveling up and down that mountain. even though our travel was very crowded and it was long.. i just loved it. the scenery of those mountains is just breath taking. the travel up and down those mountains just reminded me every time how wonderful and powerful our God is. AND i loved hanging my feet out of the back of the truck. so fun!! but anyways!! SAC ON!! We were able to fellowship with the youth there. it was really nice getting to know everyone, and it was really awesome to just see everyone smile, laugh, play, and gather in the name of our Lord. Even though there were ‘nosebleed’ moments, the Lord really allowed a common ground for all of us to communicate to each other and understand that we all have a common purpose, which is to serve God.

We fellow shipped with each other, learned from each other, worshiped with each other. we all sang songs together and we held a concert there, which regrettably was too short. but we all had a blast worshiping our God and getting to know each other.

something else we did with everyone was leadership building. i was really impressed with everyone who participated and stepped up with the planning of the Medical Mission, and the Concert. there was 200+ for both the medical mission, and concert. it was an awesome experience. it was cool seeing my siblings doing their thing with their nursing experience, helping others with their skills.

the other things that we were able to experience was leading the mid week service at Bradford church. that was my first time leading an entire service with zeal. it was cool. as well as that, we were able to have the opportunity to lead the opening worship for CYF’s Christmas Camp in Naga. it was a blessed experience. we all truly felt the Lord in that place as we worshiped our one and only God up above. that night was amazing. the Lord really came there and blessed all who were in there. from what i heard, the camp was successful, thanks be to God! 🙂 it was amazing to be part of something so big and wonderful.


overall, worshiping at such events was a blessing. im just so thankful that the Lord gave us each that opportunity to share what we have and even receive blessings and friendship from everyone there. someone in particular we are thankful for is our dear friend, RODEL! this guy is awesome. i know that the Lord will use him in so many ways to bless others and do the Lord’s work.  WE LOVE YOU RODEL!!!!

SO.. with everything that was said and done during the trip, we never forgot that we were there with family. it was such a great and awesome thing to have everyone in the family together again to celebrate Christmas and New YEars together! it’s been 2 years since we had a complete family gathering.

always remembering that Jesus is the reason for the season! He has given us a NEW YEAR, 2011. a time to just continue serving Him, and hopefully we will be going there in the Philippines once again this December! Praying for that trip, and Praying for you all!

feel free to post and prayer requests or any comment!! we love to hear from you all!

❤ God Bless

this is faith. (song story) – Josh

“This is faith” actually came from three of four songs that I drafted but eventually came together as one song. On one of our first practice sessions as Zeal, we all sat down and just started writing down whatever was on our heart that we wanted to express and tried to make it into a song. I remember writing down a simple chorus that ended in something like, “in this we declare, this is faith.” Or something like that, hehe. I gave up on that song but the phrase “This is Faith” really stuck out to me, as it is a powerful declaration on what we, as Christians, stand for; a passionate phrase that describes the heart and zeal of the radical believer, never giving up, pressing on despite adversity, knowing by faith that the Lord is in control…

Later on, I came up with a chorus melody while eating a sandwich at a Vietnamese restaurant, “Oh, can You hear the voice of God that calls Your name…” a call to action, a call to step out in faith. I remembered repeating that line over and over again until I came home and found my notebook, so I wouldn’t forget. I eventually completed that chorus but didn’t know how to end the last line, “we come together, we’re Yours alone, all for Your glory…” and didn’t know how to end it.

A week later or so, I came back to the idea of “This is faith” and wrote the bridge “This is faith that can move the mountains…” and really liked how it went so I decided to write an entire song based on this idea of faith. But then I realized how to end the chorus I had earlier, with the words, “this is faith”, and decided to switch up the words of the last line because we had decided to name ourselves Zeal the week before: “we come together, with zeal and life, all in Jesus’ name, this is faith” I finished the verse and pre-chorus shortly after, writing about the rise of a new generation that would be a light amidst the darkness in this world, to be a blessing to those who have lost hope, searching for joy…The song was originally in the key of A, led by a male vocalist, but I decided to change it to D, led by a female vocal, sounds much brighter..

This song was really a blessing to write and it was a great feeling of accomplishment when it was completed. It was one of the last songs from “Break the Silence” to be finished. We recorded the song with a relaxed feel, but now its more fun to play the song with more power and drive and get loud.

Hope you guys like the song, and remember that it is faith in God that will pull us through

a mission. – Josh

On the first day of this trip, I already knew this one would be different from the other PI trips I’ve been on. Anxieties and emotions were in the air, along with a sense of urgency and anticipation. Travel times had to be timed perfectly, transportation had to be coordinated precisely, and everyone needed to be a step ahead of what’s going on.

During the trip I feel like I have encountered my greatest joys along with my hardest struggles. I felt tested like never before feel a strong sense of accomplishment in every struggle. Our team accomplished alot of the Lord’s work this week, and it was only through His help, we had to trust in Him in order to see the things that happened.

Yesterday and today I looked through the old pics from the 2007 PI trip. That trip, we only dedicated a day for mission work, and at the time, I didn’t realize the importance of what was going on that day. But as I looked through these pictures I noticed familiar faces on the day we visited the Sac-On church. It was crazy to me, I never knew these people at the time, I never knew that just more than three years from them I would be able to connect and have a life changing week of fellowship with them…I was still young at the time, 15 to be exact. I had an awesome time of fellowship with the scholars and youth from the SABALUMPART circuit, it was really life changing for me, to see many people, future leaders of faith, join together in fellowship doing amazing things for the Lord, in FAITH. Hebrews 11:6 guys…(= You guys were awesome, I thank God that he allowed us to spend time with you guys last week, I’m praying for you guys, all the time, that you all would continue to step out in faith and be LEADERS, because I see a leader in every single one of you guys, take this faith, and take His light out into the world.

And the worship night at the Naga Christmas Camp with all the CYFs seemed like the ultimate grand finale to our mission week, youth from all over Cebu, united in worship to God…almost brought me to tears, I really wish we could have been able to connect more with you guys, and I will also be praying for CYF and especially the officers, that God would help you to lead the group into doing amazing things for the kingdom of God.


We had so many awesome experiences during our trip this past three weeks, and its all going to come together on film soon! We’re really excited to start working on this project! This film will be the sequel to PHILIPPINES 2007, a story of our 2007 trip to the Philippines! The title of the film will be PHILIPPINES 2010: A LIGHTED PATH, and it just might be the title for another upcoming project that we’ll tell you about later…hehe. But stay tuned for updates and we will try to figure out a way in order for the video to be available for everyone who wants to see it!

More updates later on this! whoo!

Christmas eve.

Malipayong pasko sa tanan! A very merry Christmas to everyone! Just came back to our place in CENDET after our annual traditional family gathering! It was a great time of fellowship, family time, and of course presents! But beyond all the great carols, presents, family, friends, FOOD, trees, decorations, and everything, we are reminded of the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, who came to this world with a mission, to save the lives of all those who accept him!

Let me start of by saying that this week was straight up CRAZY! Other than several planned events being moved/adjusted, much more events came up and we were traveling for hours everyday going from place to place for several events! But it was worth it all, it has been such a blessing to see all the people from many different places we have been connect with our God!

To the Sabalumpart youth at Sac-On, you guys are amazing, we enjoyed every moment with you all this week and we were glad to connect with you guys and be able to be a part of God’s work in those churches! I(Josh) personally, was so blessed to hear you all worshipping with your voices at the worship night on the 23rd! And you guys were awesome at the medical mission, praise God that it was a success! Remember the action movements we showed you! Keep walking in faith!

And to the rest of the places we visited, Bradford, and the Christmas gathering at CAP, thank you for allowing us to be a part of what God is doing in your church families!

We’re excited for what God is going to do in the next couple weeks, even though we may not know where He leads us, we pray that His will be done and that His name will be glorified above all things! whoo!